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Dr. Amy Holda

I help you awaken your innermost being to achieve your best health, finances, relationships, and purpose. 
I do this by taking you on a powerful journey of self-realization, where you shed the imbalances in your physical, emotional, and mind body and activate your innate creator. 

Dr. Holda Gueye

Physician and Soulful Healer

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Reclaim your life

Do you feel like no matter how many health initiatives you start, you never really feel good in your body? Do you find yourself stuck in the same life patterns, and keep feeling like the life you truly want is just out of reach?

There is a powerful bridge to a brand new life.

The kind of life you know you deserve and so desperately want.


What is this bridge? 

The bridge that leads to your truest, most powerful self. 

You see health and the life you desire seem elusive because we continue to believe that the problem lies in what we are doing or not doing, when in reality the real problem lies in who are being. Your life has conditioned you to pick up identifications and beliefs that are not serving you, creating a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts that keep you stuck in unwanted life patterns and poor health. 

I have worked with over 200+ women using my signature framework for inner healing and self-realization to achieve the kind of wellness that we are all looking for in order to finally manifest the life you dream of but never seem to find. My process includes what I call the trinity of health:

1. healing the physical body through a personalized detox/cleanse, nutrition plan, and movement that your body needs

2. Releasing the trapped emotions in your emotional body that continue to resurface and magnetize the poor health and life you do not desire 

3. Heal the mental body where you learn to retell the stories of your life so that they now serve and empower you

When you heal your physical body, emotional body, and mental body and learn the art of powerful manifestation, miracles happen. 

If you found me, you are most likely ready to take your journey to new heights. 

There is a way to better health and all your desires that is ripe and waiting for you to step into the door.


It's time to step out of the rat race and become your most complete, fulfilled, healthy, and unstoppable self.  

Work with me

Praying Together

Blossom Within Online Journey 

Start your journey online at your own pace and join a vibrant and nurturing community embarking on the same path of self-discovery and life transformation. This supportive network offers an invaluable space for you to make lasting friendships, share your insights, seek advice, and find solace in the collective wisdom of like-minded individuals.

You will:

  • Drop the veil that has kept you stuck in the suffering

  • Manifest the life you truly want effortlessly

  • Release waves of negative emotions and step into a life of fulfillment, joy, and peace

  • Integrate and heal the body, mind, and soul for ultimate well-being, balance, and clarity

  • Discover and embody your soul signature  and gain clarity, direction, and purpose

  • Activate your body's innate ability to facilitate healing

  • Heal the psychological root cause of your addictions

  • Feel alive and energized

  • Regain control of your weight with ease

  • Learn how to balance your hormones

  • Detox and cleanse the body

  • Learn to heal your relationship with food and nurture your body

  • Engage in exercise that heals and feels good

  • Re-connect with and fully love yourself and your body

Join the Concierge Blossom Within Patient Membership (Maryland patients)

If you're looking to focus on healing your body in a root cause oriented way and live in or can travel to Columbia, MD, become a concierge patient of Visionary Women's Health. This program is designed to help you reverse your chronic conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis symptoms, menopause symptoms, hypertension, prediabetes, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety and more. This Includes:

1. Monthly meetings with a health coach 

2. Comprehensive health plan designed by board certified physician, including quaterly meetings

3. Personalized nutrition and exercise. 

4. Complimentary membership in the online Blossom within program for emotional and mental healing

Studying at Home

Private Coaching and root cause medicine

Apply to work with me privaetly for a personalized plan and start the deepest inner healing work you have ever undertaken. I employ both my proven matrix of transformation framework as well as my intuitive energy reading gifts to deliver a transformation that is unparalled. 

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Dr. Holda is a blessing to humanity. A walking angel that needs to be sung and praised. I have found myself and I feel whole.

I had a chronic back problem that doctors essentially gave up on. I was also feeling like nothing was really taking off for me, my love life constantly repeated itself and I disliked where my career was. Working with Dr. Holda was life-changing for me.  The moment I became aware of the current beliefs and identities that were creating my current life circumstances, my relationships changed and I received a promotion to a position I was told I was not qualified for. Shifting into knowing who I really am has completely resolved my back problems and the last MRI I had no longer shows any abnormalities. Dr. Holda is a blessing to humanity. A walking angel that needs to be sung and praised. I have found myself and I feel whole. 



I am forever grateful and wish for everyone to be blessed by Dr. Holda’s ability to awaken your innate powers

I have a medical condition that western medicine calls chronic and I just had to live with it. Dr. Holda helped me see that it was not she who was healing me but myself. I now no longer have pain or take my medication and the doctors say it was a miracle and that I am in the 1%. Dr. Holda said, "Accept it and explain nothing." I am forever grateful and wish for everyone to be blessed by Dr. Holda’s ability to awaken your innate powers

School Teacher

My journey with Dr. Holda has been magical and brings me to tears each time I think about where I started and where I am now. I feel so empowered and life doesn't feel like a struggle anymore.

I consider myself a pretty successful person in a very competitive industry. I was struggling with taking my career to the next level and was starting to feel burnt out. I stumbled on Dr. Holda on YouTube and something so strongly told me to follow her. I went onto her website and the feeling intensified. It was like something was telling me that the answers I had been looking for were with her. Dr. Holda has since taught me that this was my inner voice, my true self, guiding me to her teaching and that the real answers are all within me. My journey with Dr. Holda has been magical and brings me to tears each time I think about where I started and where I am now. I feel so empowered and life doesn't feel like a struggle anymore. I get what I want in a way that feels easy yet deserved and is the natural next step for me. I have manifested a huge contract for my music. I now live in the city I have always wanted but just thought it would be too hard to afford. I no longer suffer from daily migraines. My relationship with my boyfriend whom I thought I needed to leave has flourished into an engagement and although it appears that he has drastically changed, I now know from Dr. Holda that it was me who has changed and so the world changes around me to match. I am infinitely grateful to the divine force that allowed me to find Dr. Holda Gueye.

my story

           2011 was the beginning of my existential crash at a time when I thought I had achieved everything I wanted: I was having my first child, I was married, I graduated with high honors from a top medical school and I was starting my training in a top specialty at the hospital I had dreamed about for years. I suddenly found myself, however, deep in stress, and what seemed like a new medical diagnosis after the next in an endless battle with my body. When I found that my vast medical knowledge failed to assist me in resolving my conditions, but rather only had me barely making it through the day with a list of medications, I began asking different questions: What is really at the root cause of my sudden deterioration in health and what can I do about it?


      I began a journey that led me to pursue additional training in functional medicine, herbal medicine, and holistic practices to complement traditional medicine so that I could get to the root cause of our body's dysfunction. I also went through a deep spiritual awakening that allowed me to pinpoint with extreme clarity how inner traumas, experienced as "stress" anxiety" "overwhelm" or "depression." were keeping me sick and keeping me from realizing my life's biggest dreams and how to heal them permanently. I noticed that the so-called "spiritual spaces" ignored the unique traumas of women and black women specifically, while unintentionally creating new wars between the soul and the ego, starting new unhealthy imbalances within us. This gave birth to a profound spiritual self-realization that has allowed me to create miracles in the lives of the women I coach. 

    When we embark on a journey of letting go of our inner struggle and becoming our true selves, profound wellness follows as we finally give our bodies and our lives the vital space to do what it was designed to do: heal.

     I developed a powerful framework that has worked for me and the hundreds of women I love and care for. 


    I am eager to serve you and help you heal all parts of you: Body, mind, and soul. 

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