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De-Normalize Stress
End your daily struggle

Live in true happiness &
Activate healing and longevity

Join the Blossom Within Membership

Are you a patient of Visionary Women's Health? If so, you receive a BIG discount to join this life-transforming membership and achieve the best health of your life. For only $10/month incorporate the healing of your inner voice, and emotional body, and heal your physical body from chronic inflammation and the toxicity of modern-day life. 


* A Personalized nutrition plan 

* A complete detox and reset guide for your body 

* Step-by-step inner healing guidance 

* Monthly Live Workshops, Classes, and guest speakers for expert guidance on how to achieve the best health of your life

*Database of resources, power audio, meditations and new uploads every month

If you are not a patient of Visionary Women's Health but are interested in transforming your life and health journey, regular price is $45/month. click below: 

​If you are looking for more, here are a few other options below: 


I host a life-transforming program designed to get to the root of your blocks, negative emotions, and past traumas and allow you to shed the baggage that keeps you stuck. My approach involves spiritual coaching and healing, as well as addressing your emotional body and mind. 


1. Free Guidance: Subscribe to my YouTube channel and the Becoming Yourself podcast for practical guidance and education as well as live masterminds. Click Here to become a channel member. Click Here to listen to the podcast. 

2. Start a 90-day Freedom Journey Course where you can complete a comprehensive life-changing course

  Price: $249 a year

Click Here to join: Click Here


Here you can join my new community of other women on a similar journey for support and dive into the "Becoming Yourself" journey designed to address the Trinity of Health: Heal the Physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body to uncover the giant within. Move through the course at your own pace and share your progress in the community. Join Dr. Holda Gueye live for a monthly session to support you on your journey. 


4. Work with me 1:1 for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 monthsApply here


This includes community support, the step-by-step course, and bi-weekly 60-minute private sessions with me. Your exercises and workshops are customized to your personal needs. 


This is best for someone who wants specific, individualized guidance on their situation, faster results, and more time on 1:1 sessions. 


3 months: $4999 

6 months: $8,888 

12 months: $17,177 


Affirm financing is available for all three through our App.* Just let us know if you want to use this. 


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