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Student Results



I had a chronic back problem that doctors essentially gave up on. I was also feeling like nothing was really taking off for me, my love life constantly repeated itself and I disliked where my career was. Working with Dr. Holda was life-changing for me.  The moment I became aware of the current beliefs and identities that were creating my current life circumstances, my relationships changed and I received a promotion to a position I was told I was not qualified for. Shifting into knowing who I really am has completely resolved my back problems and the last MRI I had no longer shows any abnormalities. Dr. Holda is a blessing to humanity. A walking angel that needs to be sung and praised. I have found myself and I fee whole. 

Adrianna M.

Let's Bring you Home to YOU

Walk besides me and I will show you that you are perfect. I will help you return to your rightful place in creation. I will help you remember who you are. 

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