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Become your true self with Dr. Holda's step by step journey

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. This is a comprehensive journey that includes healing your body, emotions, and your mind. It is a journey towards the discovery of your true self where dreams, health, freedom, and effortless manifestation become your reality.

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On a journey to achieve better health? Watch how this journey may help you. 

Meet your guide

       I believe in medicine and I am a passionate doctor. I also believe that we have other layers that medicine does not address that can and need to be healed. This includes the mind, the emotional body, and the awakening of the spirit.            Unlike many spiritual coaches, I believe in using all healing modalities that work and encourage the use of Western medicine whenever appropriate. My journey as a medical doctor and healer has shown me that when I integrate the healing of other parts of our human makeup, what a single modality cannot heal alone finally transforms. 


I am a physician, and an energy reader and I bring the light to our human shadows by awakening you to who you really are. 

There are several ways we can work together on your journey to transform your life. I look forward to meeting the part of me that is you!

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