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Who do you think you are? The answer to this question determines every single aspect of the current life you live. We spend an enormous amount of time trying to change our realities by fighting directly with it, or by focusing on behaviors and actions. I am going to show you a faster, more effective way that delivers consistent results and with a wide application. I am going to give you the keys to the matrix.

This book takes it even one step further to show you the true power of I AM, beyond the mastery of the life you create and into the liberation of your soul: A path to end suffering and grow your soul. 

I’m Dr Holda Gueye-Weinstein a physician and soul coach in the United States and my work has led me to the creation of a tool that has given me the ability to deliver powerful changes in my life and the life of those I serve. I call this tool : Holda’s transformation matrix. I AM will take you on a journey that leads you to yourself and will change every aspect of your life. 

"I AM" Book by Dr. Holda

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$20.99Sale Price
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