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Energy Read and Guidance

Request an energy read

Since I was a little girl, adults would ask me to predict their future. I began practicing my gift of picking up and reading the energy fields that people create around them and realized that we are all choosing our futures in every moment. I learned to not only describe what people were "being" in the moment and the implications this had for their lives, but to also see their true nature and guide them towards making choices and changes that will result in the lives they wanted. 

I offer my spiritual gift in the form of one-time sessions purely on a donation basis and invite those who feel called to receive this guidance to send in your request. I will only receive what you are meant to hear now and many have received different and incremental guidance when they request a read several times over different periods. 

You can choose to donate as much or as little as you want based on the spiritual exchange you would like to offer. Your read will be available within 1-14 days so please be patient and know that your message is coming.

What I will need from you:

  • Your full given name at birth (If you have a new chosen name, please share this)

  • Your email address where you will receive my response

  • Your mother's name at birth if known 

  • A picture/selfie of you taken at the time of the request for the most accurate read (same day is preferred). Please avoid any filters, editing, or makeup. There is never any judgment from me, only love. 

  • Your story and what you want help/guidance with 

What you will receive from you 

  • A recorded audio of your read 

  • Any additional resources that I may find helpful for your journey 

  • A personal prayer and energy healing done for you remotely to support your journey

Request a Read

Upload File

Thank you for your request and donation. You will receive your read soon!

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