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I AM Journey University
Terms of Service

Refund Policy

I AM University is a month-to-month private membership platform. The monthly payments are your donation to the University and spiritual community. You may cancel or pause your membership at any time, and return again whenever you'd like. The curriculum is self-paced and requires 8 months to complete, as all the content is time-released for best results. Because the membership is at your own discretion and month-to-month, there are no refunds for a monthly donation. You may simply cancel your membership at any point if you need to pause your membership. Your membership to the I AM University is your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Community Policy

You may not use I Am University as a source of self-promotion. Any abusive language towards another member or facilitator will not be tolerated as our community standard is unconditional Love. We encourage open and honest discussion here and any conflict may be brought to a moderator. If a member's communication becomes attacking, demeaning or abusive, they will be asked to leave the community. 

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